A downloadable game

This is an early access demo forVirtual Reality systems being released for testing and feedback. A Vive, Rift with touch or WMR VR system is required to play.

IMPORTANT - Please watch the tutorial before trying to play - there are ESSENTIAL instructions that you need to know before playing.

The purpose of this demo is to showcase and get feedback on the flying controls and basic features. Warning, if you are prone to VR sickness this will likely cause it.

Use your arms like wings and soar through the skies as a dragon, unleashing fiery breath attacks. Pick up objects and creatures in your talons to carry them away, or drop them from a height.

Control Instructions are available at the YouTube link to the right

A facebook page with more videos and development notes is at


Vive Controls (Oculus Touch controls similarly mapped):

Right controller Application button (above the trackpad or one of the Touch buttons) to pause and unpause.

Stand centered in your playspace facing forwards (green arrow at your feet and above you will show which way is forwards. Use your controller position and rotation to control your flight. One controller higher than the other makes you turn. Rotating your wings down moves you down and speeds you up, going up slows you. Flap your arms to gain height.

Left trigger for flame breath, right trigger for a ranged fire bolt and left grip while not carrying something for a bigger fire bomb. Holding down right grip will pick up something you fly over - the green see through oval below you shows your grabbing area. If you try to pick up something that cannot be picked up (like a building) you will claw it for damage instead. Left grip while carrying something edible will eat it and regain some health.

New in Version 0.1:
Bug fixes and various improvements

The first version of the tutorial area for story mode!

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsDragons, Flight, flight-sim, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsOculus Rift, HTC Vive

Install instructions

Download and unzip the rar into a new empty folder and run the executable to play.

Works with Vive, Rift and Windows MR. Requires Steam VR.


Dracarys VR Demo 0.1.zip 896 MB
Dracarys Quest Test.zip 903 MB


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Interesting idea. Hands get tired - it's hard to be a dragon :).

New version is live with a new race track mode - fly through a narrow canyon avoiding rocks and see if you can beat your best time.

New version now available! There are now 2 game modes, story and sandbox (original demo). The story mode is currently the tutorial for the game and the first few missions. Story mode goes back to the title screen after completing all current missions.

Currently the planned gameplay loop for the main game is to fly around an island and do various missions (attack villages, steal chests of gold from villages, help villages by bringing them animals and more) to gain XP. XP is spent to level up (increased health, stronger fire, faster flying and turning) and each time you level up the player grows in size. Each island will have a enemy dragon controlling it that when you defeat it you gain control of the island and can move to the next one.
Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

Will there be a Mac version please?

Hi, I don't have a Mac so couldn't test it. I can look into whether I can compile for Mac without having to make a lot of changes. Honestly it's a 'we will see' depending on how complicated it is to do.

Sorry for replying soooo late! I tried Wineskin but it does not work. Might need to find another way... thank you so much for trying though

(Hmm I really need to consider buying a new laptop with windows OS...)

New version available now! Changes for this version are some minor additions, lots of optimization and bug fixes.  Next up is the start of story mode.

Nice! Really fun to be a Dragon, but there's not much to do.

Glad you found it fun!
Missions with a new map will be the next update, so there will be more to do.


Sounds good! I'll be glad to play it!

New map with the start of story mode is up now!

New version with minor fixes.

New trailer video - 

New version available! Control and gameplay instructions added to in game menu and additional upgrade options have been added/activated. 

Fire attacks are no longer unlimited, and health and fire reserves indicators added.

Demo version updated to V0.04f fixing a couple bugs that did not happen in the editor but only in the build including the enemy dragon frequently vanishing after unpausing.

New demo version available V0.04 includes an enemy dragon to fight! He will attack if you get too close or breathe a firebolt that passes close enough to him.

Flight turn speed has also been increased for more maneuverability. Turn speed will be soon added to the upgrade menu.

New demo version available adding in moving around on the ground, a visible dragon head and body while on the ground and you can move the head into enemies to bite and eat them.

The new demo is nearly ready - it essentially is ready  however I want to do more testing and maybe tweak a few last things to clear out the current 'to do' list.

There will be a new demo available for download soon!

After a long hiatus I can now concentrate on adding more to this game.  The new demo will still be a sand box style, however there will be many graphical upgrades and some functional upgrades. 

This is incredible! I used the left menu button mode where it tilts your view--I have to say: I usually experience nausea in flight games, but I actually experienced it the least here! Good work! I think the effective resolution increase (by shaking the camera a lot) has something to do with this. Only very mild nausea that's going away as I take a short break.

Glad you had fun with it! In another month the game I am currently working on should be launched and I can get back to this one and turn it into a real game with levels and progression.

Says not available on Windows?

Oh, whoops! It will run fine on windows, I will fix that. Thanks for the heads up.

Still says not available on Windows; won't even let me download it

I marked the file as being for Windows again - maybe each time I upload a new file I have to do it...
I also tested the download and was able to download it - can you try again?

Quick minor update today, reduced peasant movement speed a bit to make it more reasonable and stopped them from immediately wandering to another location in the village the instant they put out a fire.

New update!

There are now two villages, one over the hill in front of the starting spot, and one to the left of starting spot. There is also a hoard of gold coins right near the starting location - find the chests in the villages and drop them onto the hoard to increase its size.

New button - left grip while holding an edible object will eat it increasing healing the player.

Archer's have been added. Their arrows are not as dangerous as the catapults but can still bring a dragon down.

Peasants have been added, they will wander through the villages and put out any fires that the player starts.

Peasant path finding and firefighting has been implemented! At least a basic version that will be fleshed out. Archer enemies have been added as well. A large new release will be available in hopefully the next 2 weeks.

any suggestions on new features to add? I am working on damage models for most things and proper debris, red flashes when hit, enemy archers and peasants who can use a water source to fill buckets to put out fires.

Not sure on what else to add before mission design.

New update uploaded!

New features added:

Enemy catapults that can kill the player in 2 hits.
Various buildings.
Burnable objects now require various amounts of fire to be applied before they catch, this meter will lower over time if the object takes some fire but not enough to catch.
Certain objects (mostly trees, buildings, catapults) that cannot be picked up are instead now damaged by claws.
Destroyed/killed objects vanish, this will be replaced in the future with instead changing textures or similar.
When killed the player respawns.
Fixed a bug with pausing.

Main change was addition of an Interactable class for essentially all non-player objects allowing faster and easier addition of new features. This also has support for addition of damaged and burnt textures for objects for future implementation.

this game is awesome, but is multiplayer on your roadmap for the future? PVP dragon duels would be amazing, especially in VR

Unfortunately multiplayer is unlikely on the roadmap, but its not completely off the list.
Multiplayer is REALLY hard to implement - There is a lot of fiddly bits to get working just to have client connections (vs the host where it just works like singleplayer) to be able to affect anything. My tests so far with just picking up rocks don't work with multiplayer. I am going to focus on adding more game play elements ( just got enemy catapults mostly working) but if I stumble across the multiplayer solution it may make its way in.

Any comments or questions feel free to leave them here and I will answer as soon as I can